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You + Me + All Your Montessori Questions. Let's chat 1:1 via email about all your burning Montessori questions.  

How are you making Montessori work for you and your family? 

Nicole is here to help you work through all your Montessori parenting questions. Let's chat, troubleshoot, and make a plan. 

From birth to age 12, you can quickly get advice tailored to your unique situation in a private email session with Nicole.

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For more than 10 years, I have used Montessori as the backbone for my family's life. Montessori has influenced my parenting decisions, home environment, and my relationships with my five children. I've gathered tips and tricks along the way that help make life easier and parenting more joyful. 

Now, I want to help bring that information to you in a personal and informal way. Since 2017, I've worked with parents from around the world; helping them to make Montessori work for their children in their homes. And, I would love to work with you. 

Limited sessions available


per question 

$100 for package of 5

What does an email session include?


Answers to your specific Montessori parenting question 


Personalized response in 48 hours or less 


Relevant additional reading from The Kavanaugh Report and other reputable Montessori sources 


Product links, if applicable 


On-topic follow ups and clarification 

Take your Montessori parenting journey to the next level.